HELLO AMERICA!  In Oran, Algeria, he is known as KAMEL, actor, musician; young people of that country are going nuts over. His dream is to come to America where he can meet his relatives and artists he has grown up idolizing.  Since KAMEL is planning to move to American next year, he doesn’t hesitate to express his ideas and feelings about his life in Oran and what he dreams of accomplishing once he arrives in Hollywood.

MIKE: At this point in your life, who are you and how do you dream of affecting your future as an artist?

KAMEL: You ask who do I feel I am, this is what I hunger to find out. I have so many feelings when I see guys like Justin Bieber singing and dancing, when watching Michael Jackson making his dance moves on stage and so many others. We see everything on TV.

MIKE: Do you go to the movies very much?

KAMEL: No. I see everything on TV or listen to radio. I like watching the world news, especially stories about politics and what’s happening in the U.S. There seems to be a lot of drama, like a movie, especially now with your president Trump.

MIKE: What is it like living in your country, especially, for young people?

KAMEL: Very limiting. We go to school, finish, work and more work. I have been lucky because of doing TV commercials. I get a lot of big reactions from young people and that makes me happy. I feel sometimes incomplete, especially when I hear someone like Stevie Wonder or watch an old American musical on film, it makes me feel as if I am missing something deep inside. I’m twenty-five now and feel as if I’m missing something, something new and exciting which might make me feel complete. Since I have relatives in America, I want to know them, it will help me understand who I really am, these are feelings I live with. 

MIKE: How did you become so mesmerized with Hollywood?

KAMEL: My mom had a copy of a film called CARMEN JONES and I  and watched you as that funny character T-Bone, and I loved it. You were so funny and somehow, I could feel how you were moving and thinking. From that time on, I wanted to be like your personality, making people feel good and laughing. I just want to be free to be who I really am. I see no future here in Oran because of rules and restrictions based on our history and religion. I want to discover who I really am, not what I am expected to be.

MIKE: What do you expect to accomplish in America?

KAMEL: The kind of freedom I have read about, the kind of freedom I see young people enjoying, reaching out without laws not permitting them to discover who they really are artistically or any other way they wish to discover. I want to see how far I can go in Hollywood and prove to millions of other young people that if they believe and willing to work and sacrifice, they too can turn life around completely for themselves, no matter who they are or where they live.