From The Projects To Tycoon Terrance Bell Rises

HELLO AMERICA! It is always a pleasure when one can disclose an accomplishment, something one that someone has worked so hard for, dreamed of since childhood. In this case, it is Terrance Bell who decided, since his early young days growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, that he would make his personal world special. His mom, a housewife and day laborer dad, were forced to reside with his grandmother in a tiny three-bedroom home with seven others. Eventually, living in the projects with a single mom, he experienced considerable hardship as a young kid. He remembers missed meals and a brief, unwanted stay in foster care due to his mom having been medically diagnosed with a schizophrenic disorder.

Terrance developed deep sensibilities and found himself drawn to those who face challenges. “As a shy kid, I internalized more than I externalized. For most of my life and teen years, my mom was mentally ill. I was deeply affected by many of survival challenges which we were forced to deal. I had to adapt, overcome and be resilient. I was also forced to dream; it was the only way I could envision a different path.”

Bell was separated from his siblings for many years; no one family member could take them all. As a result, they were shuffled between willing relatives and foster homes. In high school, he had a flair for political debating. He was also a baseball standout from junior high through high school and even played a season in the minor leagues as a pitcher before going on to serve his country in the U.S. Marine Corps. However, he innately realized that his passions were drawn to all things creative as well as his interest in other people. As an entrepreneur, bestselling author and life coach, he continues to inspire a countless number of people across the globe.

Realizing this, there should not be a mystery as to why one of the largest secret (but not so secret) societies in the world, The Masons, one that pulls strings and wields power behind the scenes have convinced him to sit in the owner’s chair of failed airlines, Air India. Doing so will add to his vast portfolio of holdings, catapulting him to the rarefied air of tycoon status. Bell has always tried to remain low-key; out of the forefront as he delegates to those who work with and for him.

It goes without saying, it is quite a task. He will have to assume about two-thirds of the airlines $5.1 billion debt. This buys a 76 percent stake in the company with the renaming interest held by the government; one which will build a partnership between the two. He will also have to find a local partner; regulations prevent foreign firms from owning more than 49 percent of that company.

Let’s face it; selling a majority stake in the loss-making, 85-year-old company isn’t going to be a cakewalk. However, Bell known as a person with a web of connections; liberals, conservatives, politicians and a class of so many other types doesn’t appear to be sidetracked by the challenge itself. It took serious connections to even get close to this kind of deal. After all, this is an American led group, attempting to acquire a foreign airlines company.