HELLO AMERICA!  It Is always exciting to receive a call from a production company announcing a new show or film. A few days ago, I received a call from producer Richard Chase about his new show,

The Boy Who Knew Everything.  Young actor SHANE ROBINSON is being tested for the key role of the young lad who shows up in the mid-western town of Tripoli knowing everything about everyone causing the townsfolk there to reveal who they really are.

“This strange kid who is in his twenties has a way about him that is a bit ethereal but a very simple, kind personality that people, no matter who they are, seem to be dawn to,” Chase explained. “And, of course, the actor must have similar qualities, this is why we decided that Shane Robinson was a good choice.”

Robinson admits that doing this film is quite an opportunity for him because he has always enjoyed helping people, being close to them or doing something which might make life more meaningful for them. “For years during my studies at Stanford and even Harvard watched people simply exist not genuinely knowing where they really wanted to be in life. I could sense how many of them were lost, wandering from day to day quietly hungering for answers. Yeah, they were enjoying the education allowed but, still, simply existing with no set destination or place of human respect.”

Robinson made it quite clear that even though he is quite grateful and excited with his new challenge, he still has a desire to go to places where people need help and support in every human sense. “There are so many cities, towns, countries where people, ordinary simple hard-working people who need support or someone who might take time to listen to their problems which might make a difference in survival. Whatever I can do in making life easier to handle for people, I am determined to try.”

The “Chase” film is set to film in mostly Southern California locations. “First of all, the weather is conducive for location shooting the year-round and all of the actors live in the area. Then, too, all the technical people, musicians and the rest of it makes it easy for continual shoots without difficulty,” claims the producer.

Shane simply makes it clear that even though he enjoys acting, his main interest is making people believe that no matter how tough life is, there is always a way in making it better if you decide no matter how difficult situations are, never give up. After all, you too, have a right to be fulfilled and happy.