HELLO AMERICA! JONATHAN BOGNER was born in London,, England ((1963).  Jonathan Bogner is an Executive Producer at Relativity Television. He develops, sells and produces reality shows. As a producer he has developed and sold the following shows to series or pilots: "Kim of Queens" (Lifetime/Series), "My Five Wives" (TLC/Series), Tree People (Discovery/Series) "Rocky Mountain Life" (Discovery/Special), "Dance Kids ATL" (TLC/OWN/Pilot), "Parking Games" (Spike/Pilot), "Down South Dance" (TLC/Pilot), "Addicts & Animals" (Animal Planet/Pilot), "Flipping Divas" (HGTV/Pilot) and "Drum Heads" (Halogen/Series).

Jonathan began his career as a film and music executive at Tyrell-Mann Entertainment, Empire Pictures, and Weintraub Entertainment. He transitioned into marketing and worked for:, The Phonics Game, AFAA, ESPN, and Disney before launching his own company to produce family films. He created "Mommy and Me," "Mr. Babyproofer" and "Musical Classics for Children". For Disney, he produced "Every Picture Tells A Story" and produced the on-line sites for: "Toy Story", "Hunchback of Notre Dame", "James and the Giant Peach" and "Tom and Huck". His first television films, "The Retrievers" and "Miracle Dogs" for Animal Planet were the network's highest-ever rated films. He was one of the first producers to partner with a major marketing company, Clear Channel, to pre-sell integrated advertisements in films that he produced. Jonathan produced the following family films: "Hansel and Gretel" (Warner Brothers), "Red Riding Hood" (20th Century Fox), "Motocross Kids" (20th Century Fox), "Popstar" (New Line) and "Supercross" (20th Century Fox). He went on to produce the animated, critically acclaimed film and Sundance Film Festival winner, "Broken Saints" for 20th Century Fox and the animated film "Conan: Red Nails" for Swordplay Entertainment, "Ace of Hearts" (20th Century Fox) with his production/marketing partner, Reader's Digest Magazine; the Slamdance favorite "Trailer Park of Terror" (Summit Entertainment/Lions Gate) and "Soccer Mom" (Anchor Bay Entertainment) with his production/marketing partner, Ladies Home Journal Magazine. Jonathan executive produced "Monster Mutt" the first film directly sold to Wal-Mart. He independently produced the awarding winner "Complicity" for Passenger Films and recently finished a documentary called "Big Like Me".

In the past five years, Jonathan, along with his partner and son Oliver Bogner, developed and sold reality shows to: Discovery, Spike, HGTV, VH1, E! Television, TLC, A & E, Lifetime, Oxygen, Animal Planet, MTV, HGTV, NatGeo Wild, NatGeo, SyFy, and Halogen. Additionally, The Bogners have packaged shows with a number of top television production companies: Fremantle Media, Relativity Television, Intuitive Entertainment, Gay Rosenthal Productions, The Greif Company, E1 Entertainment, Tijuana Entertainment, T Group, Devil Cat Media, 12 Forward, and A. Smith & Co. The Bogner's and Cohl Media sold "Special Forces", a live show to Relativity Media. Jonathan and Oliver continue to develop and sell shows, movies, live and Internet shows for Relativity Television and their partners.

Jonathan Bogner has a BA from UCLA in Economics and went to Whittier Law School. It appears that Bogner and I have much in common. I graduated from U.S.C., rec'd BA, studied Theatre at U.C.L.A., rec'd MA and then attended at DOMINICAN UNIV, rec'd Ph.D. in music, composing award-winning AWARD for FLIGHT OF COLUMBIA 7 AND DANCES OF REMEMBRANCE.