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LOGLINE:  Driven by a desire to escape his violent and abusive past, a young African American performer, with a million-dollar voice and a colossal ambition, climbs his way to the top during the Golden Age of Hollywood




Charlie Lewis, married to an older woman, father of five children the oldest being a wunderkind commonly referred to as a child prodigy or a remarkable person who is gifted with great talent and ability normally would make a father gloat with pride. But Charlie had his own dreams of becoming a world champion boxer. Failing this and in the eyes of his family and the rest of the world, he has become an embittered man who has turned to alcohol to comfort him in his failure. His wife, Grace Lewis, the glue in this large African-American family has the strength and wisdom her many years of living have earned her. Married to an alcoholic husband it has been her job to guide her five children as they are confronted with prejudice and tragedy in America of 1952; it is her wisdom and love that is the backbone of this work. With its extreme highs and lows and even songs of joy as well as of heartbreak and sadness, we are given a solid foundation on which to build a lasting work of art. Sonny, the eldest child, is the talented wunderkind with a seemingly endless range of remarkable gifts and at his climb to conquer success against so many odds that is the focus of this work. In his final months of high school, though he continues to use his musical and performance skills to open doors and successfully challenge the deeply ingrained prejudice plaguing a young black man in America in this period, he must find a way to face his painful past that continues to haunt him. It is his fight to move forward in spite of the pains he carries with him; he must achieve the lofty dreams that drive him. His anchor is his mother, Grace, who fights for him, who consoles the entire family holding them together when one of its young members is killed. Amidst laughter and tragedy and supported wholeheartedly by his mother, his relationships grow closer even as he must say good-bye – for now, to some of those he loves. After years of covering up pain that leaves him secretly numb inside, he summons the strength to face his father in a final confrontation. He now is free to fully embrace the dreams he holds so dear and to allow himself to begin to love in a new and honest way. It is with the support, love and strength of not only his friends but were it not for the strength learned and exhibited by his mother, nothing would have been possible. Though there is some heavy drama at times, we also come away with a warm good feeling about life and our meeting of this Lewis family. It is our hope that this Lewis family will find a similar place in theatrical history equal to that of the Younger family in A RAISIN IN THE SUN. America Star Books, LLLP
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NAME:  Michael St. John
   Title:   Hollywood Through the Back Door

Author:  Michael St. John
     Title:  Hollywood Through the Back Door
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Author:    Michael St. John
Title:        Hollywood Through the Back Door
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